10/11/2016. - Advantages of family cars
The automotive market must move at the same pace than consumers; that is why the need of reinventing themselves is one of their basic features. This way, even the most consolidated categories must get periodically renovated without sacrificing their distinguishing marks. Family cars illustrate this, as they are very traditional vehicles but do not stay at the edges of technological evolution.

1. Interior space
First, these cars must provide a huge interior space to their numerous occupants (that, like in the case of the SEAT Alhambra, can be of up to seven passengers). Minivans offer more height than the rest of the vehicles, improving its habitability substantially. Thanks to the folding seat system, the maximum load capacity reaches figures as remarkable as the more than 2,430 liters of the SEAT Alhambra.

2. Safety
Safety is another good reason to choose a family car. Designed for families and groups to cover more or less long paths, the protection of the occupants is a priority. So, it is getting more and more usual to find solutions like side airbags not just at the front of the interior, but for all the occupants. Technologies like the blind spot monitor or the different assistants, like emergency breaking or hill-start assist control, like those of the SEAT Ateca, contribute to improve the stability of the car. Regardless the context and the road characteristics, family cars are governed by some of the most demanding safety standards of the market. The following aspect, connected with the two previous ones, is comfort. Both for the seat fabrics or the air conditioning systems, minivans provide very convenient travel conditions.

3. Engine and efficiency
The mechanical response does not stay behind either. As we know that these vehicles can cover many kilometers and, as a result, they may get involved in all kinds of situations, acceleration is improving in a significant manner. In the most compact proposals, like the SEAT Leon ST, the smooth operation of the engine is based on sportiest lines. Of course, the mechanical development involves reaching efficiency levels inconceivable a few years ago. Family cars’ carbon footprint is reducing by the minute, just like fuel consumption (both in diesel and in gas versions). By the way, it involves a considerable saving as you do not need to refuel so often. We must also bear in mind that, as these vehicles can take families to spots of outstanding natural beauty, they must be completely ecofriendly.