10/11/2016. - Family cars for travel
Family cars have been especially designed to travel with all the family in a safe and comfortable manner. They have big trunks and spaces created for children to feel comfortable. If you are wondering what station wagon you should buy or if you often go over long distances, SEAT offers you a large number of interesting possibilities.

Which are the four most important factors that family cars for travel must meet?

1. Safety. You cannot be too careful and therefore it is advisable to opt or a version with the maximum safety guarantees. Front, side and back airbags, fatigue detection systems and traction control systems are some of the essential elements. A vehicle like the SEAT León ST, with 5 Euro NCAP stars, is totally safe and reliable.

2. Low consumption. A low consumption station wagon, both in the city and on the road, is essential to set out on a long journey. Enhanced engines are important too as, given their high weight, these vehicles require a lot of power. The SEAT Toledo, just like the other family cars, have mean consumption levels ranging between 4.3 and 4.8 l/100km, as appropriate.

3. Trunk capacity. When you are travelling with children you often need to take a stroller, a crib, etc. with you, so the trunk capacity becomes decisive to opt for a model. Space optimization and folding backseats, like in the SEAT Alhambra, are also relevant factors.

4. Interior spaciousness. The interior space available is essential to choose that station wagon to buy. Without a doubt, this aspect will determine the level of comfort enjoyed to travel by car, so it should not be overlooked. The new SEAT Ateca is a perfect example of a vehicle with a large interior space.
In addition, the new SEAT’s SUV stands out for its technological features, described in this computer graphics, from welcoming lights to an opening pack that includes a hands-free lid or the keyless system that opens the doors as you approach the car.

These are some of the key factors to take a decision about what station wagon to choose if you travel often.