10/11/2016. - Family cars versus SUVs, what model should I choose?
In little more than a decade, family cars have burst into the Spanish roads tightly. These vehicles offer a lot of passenger space and therefore they were regarded as the most suitable for group or family travel. In addition, there are many categories available such as compact family cars, family sedans and minivans, which pass as the most representative. However, in the last years, a new alternative has appeared on stage, the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). A car model divided between 'hatchbacks' (vehicles with an embedded trunk, accessible through a rear door) and off-road vehicles. SUVs also offer a huge interior space, offer a more sporty design and more possibilities to go through all kinds of terrains and their trunk provides a huge load capacity: for all these reasons, a SUV could be considered as a station wagon.

The most conventional family cars have also evolved in concert with the new times and therefore they still are a very highly preferred alternative in the market. The SEAT Alhambra, for example, has positioned at the forefront of its category when SUVs wet ear their peak. We must keep in mind that minivans offer a height and a width that make long trips more pleasant for children (and, by extension, for their parents). At the same time, the trunk is spacious too and their mechanical operation is quire smooth. These cars are very stable on the road, even if this involves sacrificing a sportier use. Anyway, compact family cars, like the SEAT Leon ST, are suitable for a sportier driving style. In short, family proposals do not always stay behind.

With regard to SUVs, their mass appeal keeps growing year after year. Drivers find in this car the perfect balance between all the road needs and a station wagon. Its marked urban design makes of it a vehicle totally suitable for the city, whereas its robust axle and its height make it as a valid as an off-road car to venture into irregular paths. In addition, the SUV is not unaware of the different situations of each family, who can choose between models with different sizes and capacities. Technological equipment is another strength of a category that takes both active and passive safety very seriously. Not for nothing, we just have to approach a school to see how many parents pick their kids with a SUV. In this regard, the SEAT Ateca is great news for those who love these feelings, as it offers an outstanding quality-price relationship.