10/11/2016. - Family cars, what model should you choose for kids?
Family travel is an activity that every driver confronts with the doubt of if it will be a pleasant, relaxed journey or if, on the opposite, it will turn into a deeply disappointing process. Even if we usually think that children’s attitude is the most important factor to guarantee a trouble-free trip, the truth is that the vehicle used also plays a very important role. State cars have been designed to deal with the different needs that arise in these journeys, including entertainment systems. Nowadays minivans are usually equipped with different audio-visual resources to make the trip more bearable for children. Sound systems, complete with USB connections and mobile pairing features, are a good example of this and can provide the driver with a very valuable peace of mind.

Obviously, it is important for children to have a pleasant trip, but safety is even more important. That is why SEAT station wagons are equipped with a set of elements to reinforce both their active and passive safety.

1. Side airbags
In the first field, side 'airbags' and for all the occupants are one of the most sensitive elements. The SEAT Toledo includes this key technology in its last versions, ensuring this way much more protection, especially for the little ones.

2. Load capacity
The second most important element is the load capacity, absolutely essential for a truly functional station wagon. In this regard, there are seven-seat versions, like the aforementioned SEAT Alhambra, that also have a maximum capacity difficult to surpass: 2,430-litre volume with the backseats folded.

3. Possibility of adding spare parts
Likewise, the possibility of adding spare parts, such as bike racks or other useful complements for each kind of use is another strength of the vehicle. However, we must not forget either the relevance of having a dynamic mechanical section. The most compact station wagons, like SEAT Leon ST, have achieved an excellent spot experience without sacrificing comfort for all the occupants. In this regard, consumption levels must be under control, a goal achieved with more efficient engines.

4. Safety system
The latest technological advances have produced a smoother steering and a more sensitive braking system, thus reducing the necessary distance to stop the car, even when it is over-loaded (something for which the break assist system is really useful). It is also worth noting technologies such as the blind spot detection system, available in the SEAT Ateca among others.

Besides an efficient safety system, you can discover all the built-in technology offered by the SEAT Ateca in this infographic. Wireless charger, traffic jam assist, multicolor ambient light, heating remote control or the 4DRIVE modes, that allow to activate the Snow and Off-Road functions, are just some of these characteristics, that also turn the SEAT Ateca into a perfect station wagon for travel.