10/11/2016. - SEAT Alhambra: a 7-seat family car
The minimum required for a family car is enough space for families and groups to cover long routes comfortably. Minivans, the most typical family car, is the vehicle category best equipped to meet this need. One of the most appealing proposals right now is the SEAT Alhambra, a well-known line that has been providing families with transportation for more than two decades. The latest version of this range offers an entirely updated design without sacrificing an ounce of interior space or versatility. The exterior lines are now more noticeable to emphasize the strength of the vehicle; the rear headlamps include a LED lighting system and the tires or the rack have been restyled in a very attractive manner.

Either way, the strong point of the SEAT Alhambra still is in the inside. We are talking about a 7-seat car with a total load capacity of 2,297 liters thanks to the folding seats. Furthermore, it offers different kinds of combinations, with no need to fold an entire line of seats, just the one you need (for example, to transport long elements). Regarding comfort, the upholstery assortment is very wide and includes five different fabric versions and four leather versions. The panoramic sunroof, that has been revised to reach a size well above the average of this category, is also worth noting. Undoubtedly, this element highlights the playful facet of any trip. And of course, the controls of the family car do not leave anything to chance. The multifunction steering wheel and the wide range of commands guarantee an absolute control of all the vehicle’s functions.

In the field of mechanics, the new SEAT Alhambra showcases up to thirteen different motorizations between the diesel and gas options, with a variety of powers between 115-220 CV. This information does not compromise the commitment with efficiency at all, quite the contrary. Thanks to the implementation of technologies that make the most of each drop of fuel, the mean consumption of this 7-seat car is very low. The two 2.0 TDI 150 CV DGS versions (Ecomotive Style and Style Advance) present a mixed consumption of just 5.0 l/100 km. Regarding the technological equipment, it depends of the version chosen. The Style version includes a rain sensor, the Style Advanced has developed a fatigue detection system and the special 20 anniversary version is equipped with a Navi System.