Martorell, 23/1/2015. -The Leon X-PERIENCE rang in the New Year more than 19,300 kilometres away from Martorell by exploring New Zealand, a country with the world’s most spectacular scenery. Driving over broad plains, on mountain roads, along the coast and through volcanic landscape dotted with natural hot springs, the model proved it is a match for any terrain. Located in the south west of the Pacific Ocean, the Leon X-PERIENCE successfully adapted to one of the planet’s most extreme and demanding environments, on the other side of the world.

Seaside or mountains? Surf or snow? If you do not want to have to choose and are looking for a car that adapts to any environment so you can enjoy the thrill of driving over even the most rugged terrain anywhere in the world, the Leon X-PERIENCE features exceptional versatility.

Equipped with a range of TDI and TSI engines, this car excels with permanent four-wheel drive and a suspension system that masters any conceivable type of terrain; even the snow and icy roads of the Austrian Alps, where the model was also driven to put it through the paces on low grip surfaces.

The Leon X-PERIENCE has also been tested in desert areas under extreme temperatures, of over 40ºC, to guarantee its functional dependability and an unforgettable driving experience for the most intrepid users.

This adventurous, robust looking car is also designed as an ideal companion for city and motorway driving. Its versatility is an invitation to drive on all kinds of surfaces and reach any corner of the world in 2015, a year which the Leon X-PERIENCE kicked off in the first country in the world to see a new sunrise every day.

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