10/11/2016. - Top 4 SEAT family cars
SEAT family cars mainly stand out for their perfect mix of power, design and versatility. The four most remarkable family models are the SEAT Ateca, the SEAT Alhambra, the SEAT Leon ST and the SEAT Toledo, vehicles different from each other, adapted to the users’ different profiles, which provide both comfort and safety.

1. SEAT Ateca
The SEAT Ateca, more than a family car in itself, fits within the SUV segment. This is the reason why its design reminds that of a classic off-road car. However, this vehicle stands out for its excellent performance in the city, an environment in which it gets along very well thanks to its parking assistant and its traffic jam assist; its consumption is 4.3-5.3 l/100 km. Its 510-liter capacity trunk is perfect to carry strollers and homologated car seats.

All these vehicles stand out for certain specific features, even though it is true that they all wave the flag of safety, functionality and passengers’ comfort.

2. SEAT Alhambra
The SEAT Alhambra is a family car with capacity for up to 7 persons, and it is ideal for large families. This is possible thanks to the possibility of placing two additional seats to the area initially allocated to the trunk. The SEAT Alhambra has 2,430 liters of interior space; with the seats folded you can even carry two bikes on it.

In addition, its design is more classic than the SEAT Leon ST and the sliding doors are quite remarkable, which facilitates to access and exit from the seats. Its several customization options allow to adapt it to each driver’s needs.

3. SEAT Leon ST

The SEAT León ST has been designed taking the youthful and sporty aesthetics that made the SEAT Leon so popular as a starting point. In fact, it has the same marked angles and its typical body curves. However, as it has been enhanced to transport several passengers, the interior has been enlarged, just like its trunk, which can carry up to 1,470 liters thanks to the folding seats.

Besides, this vehicle takes care of its safety with its 7 airbags (the rear airbags are especially remarkable), specifically designed to offer the maximum protection to children in homologated chairs in case of impact.

4. SEAT Toledo
The SEAT Toledo is known as the car for everybody, with a classic style and a smart exterior design, but with a cutting-edge technology at the same time. This family car goes one step beyond and extends the concept of compact car.

Safety, comfort and easy-driving are the keys of the SEAT Toledo. Its technical characteristics, such as the adaptive chassis control or the rear view camera provide a safe and comfortable travel. Its great trunk capacity with 550 liters, extendable to 1,470 thanks to the folding seats, is just one of the many examples of comfort offered by this vehicle. And, finally, its engines’ power and its efficient breaking system ensure a pleasant driving.