SEAT, S.A. develops, manufactures and sells cars in order to ensure mobility and personal autonomy. The company is committed to continuous improvement and to the environmental compatibility of its products, as well as its manufacturing centres, sales centres and recycling centres. It is also committed to rationalising the exploitation of natural energy resources in order to be environmentally friendly.

To this end, SEAT, S.A. uses the best economically viable and effective technology available in terms of environmental protection, and incorporates them into its products’ life cycle. SEAT, S.A. therefore undertakes its duty to society and the Administrations in the form of sustainable environmental development.


  • SEAT, S.A. aims to design, produce and sell automotive vehicles and services in a cost-effective manner, and in accordance with the quality, economic, service and environmental protection requirements of our society and those of our customers.
  • SEAT, S.A. ensures, together with its suppliers and recycling companies, the continuous and systematic improvement of the environmental efficiency of its products throughout their life cycle, beginning with their design, and all throughout the production phase, their period of use and their final recycling.
  • SEAT, S.A. works with governments and other administrations with environmental competence to develop and strictly comply with the legal requirements in terms of the environment.
  • SEAT, S.A. trains and encourages all its staff to be accountable for and comply with the requirements of the company’s Environmental Policy.
  • SEAT, S.A. clearly informs its customers, distributors and the public about the company’s environmental activities.