Martorell, 04/07/2016. – Together with COSMOPOLITAN we’ve taken a deep dive into the wants, needs and concerns of the magazine’s international readership. For over a year, we’ve explored their ideas and suggestions to get a better idea of the kind of car they want to enjoy in the city.

For the first time in history we are bringing together the profound understanding of the public of one of the world’s best known magazines, with our own unique experience in designing cars that deliver technology at the service of enjoyment. It is this deep dive that makes this such a big collaboration.

For most women, cars are their accomplices in urban exploits and adventures. Women really want a car that lets them be themselves.

In close collaboration with COSMOPOLITAN magazine, we are announcing the new SEAT Mii by COSMOPOLITAN: a car exclusively designed for Cosmo Readers.

The Mii by COSMOPOLITAN is going to be officially presented at the highly anticipated FashFest Gala in London. And you’ll be able to follow the whole campaign launch on social media with the hashtag #ThisIsMii.