Get ready, because the Primavera Club festival is coming to Barcelona from 20th – 22nd October. Designed to showcase fresh, up-and-coming musical talent, with over 40 live concerts, Primavera Club is the place to be if you’re obsessed with following the newest music.
SEAT has never lost the sense of excitement, fun and culture that makes Barcelona one of the most exciting destinations in the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to be the exclusive sponsor of the event and expand our partnership with Primavera Sound.


This autumn, Primavera Club will re-establish its role as a daring alternative to more mainstream music, by backing international artists that are yet to be discovered worldwide, and offering a line-up of remarkably fresh, young artists. With music from post-punk to trip-hop, from artists from NYC to Berlin to Brazil, Primavera Club is your chance to discover new, unknown talent.