Los Angeles, 07/11/2016. – The SEAT Musicathon came to a close this Friday, after a week of intensive work in Los Angeles with the SEAT Sound Branding Team and the winning talents Christian, Ariadna and Tomm.

The international sound design contest was a three-phase event, starting in Berlin, stopping over in SEATs hometown Barcelona and finishing in the world’s musical capital Los Angeles.

Spain, Germany and Italy. These are the three countries whose representatives have won the SEAT Musicathon. More specifically, the winning young talents are Ariadna Castellano (Spain), Christian Wiercimock (Germany) and Tomm Zeskel (Italy). They were proclaimed winners after a 48-hour creative marathon held in berlin with 14 finalists from seven countries (Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Mexico).

As a second step the winning talents joined the SEAT Sound Branding Team for a weekend in Barcelona, where they got to know the brand SEAT and all it stands for. This would be the basis for the third and final phase of the international competition – the work on the new SEAT sound logo.

Much of the week in Los Angeles was filled with studio time and collaboration on the new SEAT sound logo design. However, the talents also took part in workshops held by SEAT ambassadors and by music production experts and experienced some of the famous California living.

“After some thrilling days in Barcelona, home of SEAT, we got down to business. Our first goal: to develop a creative briefing. You narrow down the creative field from „we could do just anything“ to „THIS is our brand“. This is a highly creative process and the more heterogeneous a group is, the diverse and better the ideas get. With Ariadna, Christian and Tomm we do not only have this diversity, they are just great artists, too.”

Lars Ohlendorf, Creative Director SEAT Sound Branding Team

The Musicathon is the second time that SEAT has relied on co-creation following the Architon held last year in Barcelona with 40 German and Spanish architecture students, who were challenged with designing the SEAT digital museum.

Much like SEATs first endeavour into a co-creation process, the Musicathon proved again how fruitful and creative the collaborative work between young, new talents and experienced music professionals can be. SEAT is looking forward to share the results of the group’s hard work.